My [not-so] Secret Multi-way Brow Palette 1


If there is one real deal in the midst of all the brow hullabaloo going on now,
it is this new Honey I’m Good brow palettes by Pink Sugar. Many people know how I loooove looooooove looooooooove using pens with precision tip in tint-form because that way I have very good control over recreating hair like impressions to make a very natural set of brows (using makeup, that is.)  The secret to a successful application of any powder brow products is the applicator or brush that you use. I almost all the time use something very precise like the built-in brush in this kit. However I find it too tiny for my fat hands, hehe. So whenever I have clients, I use my INGLOT 31T synthetic brush. Otherwise, this kit is perfect by itself.



Honey I’m Good Eyebrow Kit automatically found a place in my professional kit (and another one compact in my own kikay kit) because of the versatility of this product in creating a complete eye design. YEP! You heard me right! This helps me in creating a very subtle, natural, no-makeup eyeshadow design, or a very good base in sculpting the eyes–which I do before adding any accent eyeshadow. Best to correct first the shape and how the eye appears to open, before adding any design (my personal artistic philosophy as a makeup artist. I will be doing a separate post on a step-by-step of the kit for brows and for eyeshadow.)

Best part of it is, the buttery texture of the powder shades in both kits are very much like that of Hourglass Cosmetics Infinity Eyeshadow Palette. That in itself is <3.



My client above has subtle eye-sculpting using the lightest powder in the palette.


Pink Sugar released two brow kits in Sassy Brown and Perfect Taupe. Each kit includes 3 shades in powder form and one in wax form. Honestly, I don’t have a preference between the two. I just tend to use Sassy Brown on clients whose skin tends to be acidic. The shades in this particular kit counter acts the tendency of having an “ashen-look” for clients. Having both brow kits is not a bad idea at all 😉

Honey I’m Good Eyebrow Kit retails for Php399 and available in many beauty outlets.



Ron 😉

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