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Welcome back to Sunday Skincare ^.^

It has been weeks since I purchased the Pixi Glow Tonic from Common Threads in Greenbelt 5. And upon checking out and completing payment, I saw on the shelf display the product I was actually looking for– the PIXI Glow Peel Pads. I went back to the cashier and asked if I can get a smaller bottle of the Glow Tonic in exchange for the big one I just purchased + the Glow Peel Pads. It was an instant upsell that I subjected myself into, but anyway I did want to try as many of the acid peel that they have until I find more acid options that are readily available without prescription.

The Pixi Glow Tonic and the Glow Peel Pads both have glycolic acid in 5% and 20% respectively. I bought the lowest and the highest dosage and forgone the mid-dosage (15% in serum form) thinking that the tonic can be my breaking- in product (I have not been using any acids for years) and the pads would be my occasional kicking-up-a-notch product.

The Glow Tonic did leave my skin feeling hydrated and soft, and a good canvas for more nourishing skin products; because perhaps of the aloe vera as its sub-main ingredient. It is a prelude to my detox cream from NUXE and different other serums I feel like using depending on my mood 😉 However, the tingling sensation that I as looking for was not present on my skin after using the tonic. Nevertheless, I kept using it for 3 weeks to see how beneficial it would be in my current skin care routine.

After 2 weeks of using only the tonic, I felt the need to use the Glow Peel Pads (3 times a week.) My first time using the pad, there was no tingling sensation at all, to my surprise and a bit of disappointment. But on the 2nd time there after (I use it with intervals of 1 day apart, at night) the tingling sensation is present, which is a good sign. It was never painful or irritating. It was just a slight tingle on the surface of the skin. Of course I made sure first that there are no broken surface on the skin before I apply it. AND avoiding the eye area at all times. Every time I use this, too, I make sure that I do not mix any strong skincare or topical prescription products  to make sure no bad reaction will occur.

In general, the appearance of fine lines and texture improved over the course of 2 weeks using the pads. I have probably used 6-7 pad all in all and I have around 53 more to go. Now that I think about making this a staple, I would probably use 2 pads at a time due to the amount of skin area that I want to cover (face, neck, decolletage and tops of my hand.) On top of it all, the cover-up work I need to do through foundation is very very minimal now. (Yay!) Application time is also less due to the softness of the epidermis.


Tonic? or Pads?

I would still keep the Glow Tonic in my kit because I do like the look and feel of a hydrated face (without the oiliness) especially right after using it. My skin feels very well hydrated after even if I do not add anything on top of it. I don’t get this feeling after using the Glow Pads mainly because I need to wash the solution off my face with water  3 minutes after it has sat on it (to neutralize the acids.) Water though, makes my face feel dry and in need for a creme or essence+emulsion. Not for the lazy nights >.<


Verdict 😉

Glow tonic is a good add-on to the kit. Glow Peel Pads are currently rising in the list of  my weekly skincare staple.

Thank you for reading my initial impression of this product and watch out for my edit to this post as I update you on it’s performance in another 4 to 6 weeks-time.

Until next week for a new Skincare Sunday Review.




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